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Graphics Programmer

Why choose Digital Extremes?

Ingenuity, diligence, highly skilled, specifically trained. With stealth precision, this team of ninjas have infiltrated the F2P market. Can we control the natural elements, shape shift or walk on water? Hell no. But we can develop kick-ass videogames. We are masters of our own weaponry. What is your superhuman skill? Do you have what it takes to join this elite team? Bring it. Recruiting now. 

Graphics Programmer

Job Type:
Full Time
London, ON
Min Exp:
3-5 years

Digital Extremes is looking for a Graphics Programmer!

  • Work closely with the Art Director, Lead Programmer and Project Lead to understand the visual targets for the project and work to achieve the highest quality graphics for the project while keeping schedule, technology limitations and resources in mind.  
  • Implement and maintain new rendering solutions for all requisite game console systems and the PC.
    • Implement custom shaders for in-game special effects. 
  • Write robust, maintainable code. 
  • Write clear technical design and specification documents 
  • Provide support to artists, designers and other engineers 
  • Communicate well with the Producer, Artists, QA, and other engineers 
  • Collaborate with the entire team to create gameplay friendly spaces, maximizing features within performance restrictions and fine-tuning the play experience through the visual targets of the game 
  • Work closely with the Lead Programmer to fulfil the primary graphics feature requirements of the game, and contribute to the team's goal of reaching the project's vision 
  • Ensure the technical quality and game-play of the product through tuning (rebuilding), bug fixing, and play-testing  
  • Maintain code performance through profiling and optimization. 
  • Work as a team member with production and development, promoting creative thinking processes within the team and integrating their input to translate the game vision into gameplay reality 
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas toward all aspects of the game’s production and development 
  • Accept and provide direction with team members and participate and engage with the entire production team to stay current on the scope and understanding of the project
  •  Report to and deliver work on time and according to schedule as prepared by the Producer

Required Qualifications:

  • B.S.c Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or equivalent game development experience;
  • Must have a min. of 4+ yrs. previous game developer experience;
  •  Passion for making and playing great games;
  • Expertise in C++;
  • Strong communication skills, work ethic and motivation;
  •  Ability to design efficient and intuitive code architecture for a large-scale game engine;
  • Willing to relocate to Canada.

Preferred Extras

  • Console experience; next-gen preferred;
  • Familiarity with large-scale C++ project development;
  • Familiarity with any of the following AIPs: D3D, OpenGL, PhysX, DirectSound, DirectInput, Win32/GDI;
  • Experience with concurrent programming;
  • Assembly language and low-level systems;
  • Familiarity with Perforce;
  • Experience with Perl;
  • Familiarity with profiling tools (i.e. VTune, PIX, Tuner).

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