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Wednesday January 4, 2017

In December 2016, Digital Extremes challenged its Warframe community to show its charitable side through its fund-raising campaign, the Tennobaum: Gifting Extravaganza.

The three-week event was designed as a friendly giving-style campaign built on encouraging Warframe players to offer in-game gifts to one another. The more players gave, the more in-game items they would earn, while also increasing a donation amount for The Boys and Girls Club of London, Ontario, Canada. A “Gift-O-Meter” organized in tiers and updated every day to help players measure their collective progress.

In response to the call, Warframe’s community poured in an incredible amount of love and generosity by giving more than 300,000 in-game gifts. As a result, the community met the highest goals set forth for them, raising $50,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of London to help improve their computer programs.

As a reward for their stellar generosity, Warframe’s thriving community, its collective Tenno players, rightfully earned the coveted final tier reward of the campaign -- the new, in-game Solstice Vanquished Banner, Scindo Solstice Skin and Burston Solstice Skin.

The “Gift-o-Board,” which displayed the in-game names of the top 10 participants on the Tennobaum website, encouraged vigorous, friendly competition across PC, PS4 and Xbox One as players hit every milestone put forth. The number one players on each platform were (listed by their in-game names): siralextraffo, with 8,073 gifts on PC; Russell-abc, with 3,666 gifts on PS4; and BioRecombinator, with 1,005 gifts on Xbox One.

The Boys and Girls Club of London, Ontario is a non-profit, family recreation facility that provides activities for children and youth in the community. By promoting physical and mental health and emotional well-being, the Club’s programs help young people succeed in school, form positive relationships and mature into healthy, responsible and caring adults.

To see the final results, check out the Tennobaum Gift-O-Meter:

To learn more about the Boys and Girls Club of London, Ontario, go here: