Published Aug 20th, 2020


Sadly, we lost a member of our Digital Extremes family this month. We are all heartbroken by this loss.

Andrea was one of the first artists to work alongside the community to create and share our processes at Digital Extremes. In 2013, she invited players to review her work on the 'Tenno Sniper Rifle', known now as the Vectis. This was just the beginning – her journey continued with modelling and making the Warframe Arsenal a remarkable work of art. Her art will live on forever.

Since 2017 we have rallied toward September as a month where we invite you to show support for Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month. This month has been one where employees of Digital Extremes and players alike show support and donate to charities that directly impact research and management of people and families affected by Leukemia & Lymphoma.

Today, we move into a new chapter. The Harmony Ribbon is now available permanently for players for free in the Market with a new meaning: 'Forever in Loving Memory of Andrea, whose mind and heart will live on forever in her creations'.

Please consider donating what you can:, or consider being a blood donor if it is within your ability.

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